Book Excerpts



without roots 00:32


this far, this near 03:16


black moss 00:42


The Wait 01:04


Write Across Canada

5:00 CBC Between the Covers


Alberta Anthology 9:00

Palms – short-story by paulo da costa (in The Scent of a Lie)   09:00 Read by Andy Maton


Scent of a Lie 17:27

Scent of a Lie – short-story by paulo da costa (in The Scent of a Lie)


The Red Skirt by paulo da costa read by Carole Giangrande

Welcome to WORDS TO GO Podcast #40! Curl up close to your computer/MP3 player, and listen up as Carole introduces an outstanding new talent, paulo da costa from Portugal via the west coast of Canada. And if there’s still a chill in the air where you are, his story set in the heat of Angola will warm you up with its rich language and powerful characters. Carole dedicates this podcast to an old literary friend and gentleman of the writer’s world, a wonderful agent and mentor who’s left us. Listen.


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