The Scent of a Lie

scent 3dbestlrThe Scent of a Lie – short-stories – paulo da costa (Author)

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 The Scent of a Lie is a book of fourteen inter-connected stories, set in two charismatic towns in Portugal. Characters weave in and out of the intertwined stories, which can be read as a novel in fragments.

(2002/2012) – Paperback (140p) Format: 196 x 126 – ISBN: 978-0978184766

 MP3    Audio-Book (unabridged) Time: 4 h 14 m                 ISBN: 978-0978184773



2003 Caribbean & Canada Region Commonwealth Writers Prize – First Book

2002 W.O. Mitchell City of Calgary Book Prize

2001 Canongate Short-Fiction Prize (Scotland)

Read sample stories here:

The Scent of a Lie

and listen to audio sample:

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Scent of a Lie – audio sample
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