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    Story on CKUA Radio

    This week’s Blindman Brewing Session Story features the work of Calgary-based writer, editor, and translator, Paulo da Costa. Inspired by his winter walks through McHugh Bluff, In Motion explores the natural forces that shape our human endeavours and relationships. Listen at CKUA: To listen to this growing collection of stories, or check out these beautiful Super Stout labels, visit CKUA.com/sessionstories

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    Roses for the Dead

      Padre Lucas found rest under an olive tree. He pressed his handkerchief to the halo of white hair around his skull, attempting to suppress the beaded sweat drenching his face. He leaned against the olive trunk, contemplating the green quilt covering the valley floor, tracing the corn patches and grape fields stitched together by a thread of stone hedges. The sinuous River Caima, unusually brilliant under the sun, forced him to squint. He shielded his face. The river, the earth’s open artery, crossed the heart of the valley, delivering life and fertility to the fields. Intricate veins burst from the main artery, channelling precious water to remote places along…