inevitable step

inevitable step
young tiko’s dreams
scatter to pieces,
hang from the baobab tree,
a boom of a thousand drums
in the imagined luanda’s
stadium where tiko’s feet,
swift as birds, chased
a soccer ball of rags
gravel, grass and cloth
burrow in tiko’s stump
in the boot of europe,
a church-going father
designs devices in explosive
greens and sands, calls
them butterflies, toys gliding
to the ground in the thousands.
his sister quit valsella last
month and greets him with a banner
at the end of the day
home at night,
in the undermining silence,
missing another goodnight kiss,
the father clings to his child’s hand
tiko’s femur
will continue the earthbound growth
piercing through flesh and skin,
seeking its sole
excerpt                         ©paulodacosta
from:  footnotes

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