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New poem in Contemporary Verse 2


Contemporary Verse 2 volume 38.3 “The Open Issue” marks the beginning of CV2‘s fifth decade and features the winners of the Young Buck Poetry Prize and 2-Day Poem Contest. The issue includes new poetry from Sarah Klassen, John Wall Barger, Linda Frank, paulo da costa and Ted Landrum as well as several book reviews.

New poems by:

Kayla Krut
Stephen Matthew Brown
Jesse Matas
Penn Kemp
Kelly Stewart
John Wall Barger
Paula Jane Remlinger
Wanda Campbell
Glen Sorestad
Sarah Klassen
paulo da costa
Ted Landrum
Shauntay Grant
Patricia Young
Linda Fran
Ruth Daniell
Michelle Brown
Rebecca Salazar
Carter Vance
Claire Kelly
Steven Slowka
Leslie Casey
Michael Fraser
Medrie Purdham
Cana Donovan
Sneha Madhavan-Reese
Sandra Kasturi

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