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New Story in Rampike

Rampike, the University of Windsor’s Literary Magazine, has just published in their latest issue (Vol 22/ N.1) one of my new works of fiction.

Vol. 22/No. 1 (Re-recorded Histories): Carol Stetser, Phil Hall, Diane Schoemperlen, Collete Broeders & Samantha Therrien, Niels Hav, Alison Dilworth, Stephen Bett, Faruk Ulay, Brenda F. Pelkey, Norman Lock, Vittori Baroni, Christopher Prendergast & Joseph Hubbard, Hélène Samson & Guy Sioui-Durand & Norman Cornett & Edward Sheriff Curtis, Holly Anderson, Paulo da Costa, M.A.C. Farrant, Joanna Katchutas & Christina Spina, Kye Kocher, Brian Aldiss & Misha Nogha & Richard Truhlar, Orchid Tierney, Gerry Smith, Beatriz Hausner, Robert Dawson, Len Gasparini, Vicky Reuter, Nicole Markoti? & Meredith Quartermain & Fred Wah, Eldon Garnet, COVER ART: Diane Schoemperlen.

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