New creative essay in Fiddlehead – Learning to Shave, Learning to Leave


6       Sue Sinclair: Winter 2020 Editorial

Creative Nonfiction
48     Sherry Coffey: Hiking the Fundy Footpath
71     paulo da costa: Learning to Shave, Learning to Leave

7       Emily Bossé: The Most Beautiful Woman in New Brunswick Coming to a Field Near You
26     Shaelin Bishop: Barefoot
64     Diane Carley: Dead Reckoning
84     Shashi Bhat: Facsimile
100   Carmelinda Scian: The Disappeared


20     Dani Couture: Two Poems
23     Marika Prokosh: Two Poems
39     Curtis LeBlanc: Two Poems
44     Katie Jordan: Return of the Monarchs
46     Allison LaSorda: Swarm
47     Jake Kennedy: Northrop Frye, Listening to Bette Middler’s “From a Distance,”
Offers Some Remarks on
The Tempest (January 23, 1991)
57     John Kinsella: Two Poems
60     Kevin Spenst: Two Poems
62     Jennifer LoveGrove: Two Poems
79     Elena Johnson: Casa Museo Manuel de Falla
80     John Steffler: Three Poems
95     Daniel Scott Tysdal: Eurydicinema
96     Sophie Crocker: self-portrait in gemini
98     Paul Vermeersch: Two Poems
107   Ojo Taiye: Three Poems
110   D.A. Lockhart: Three Poems

114   Brian Bartlett, Getting on with Becoming More of Itself
Out All Day, John Donlan
        Yellow Crane, Susan Gillis
117   Susan Haley, Legacy of war and underbelly of art
Butterfly, John Delacourt
120  Katia Grubisic, Unfettering
Zolitude, Paige Cooper
122   Emily Skov-Nielsen, “In conflict & homesick”
I left nothing inside on purpose, Stevie Howell

125   Notes on Contributors

Joanne Hunt
Red Skies at Night
Oil on canvas
20 x 40 in.

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