New poem in CV2


CV2 – Vol 39 – Issue 4

The Open Issue cover

This issue brings you a conversation with one of Canada’s most innovative, not to mention outspoken, poets, George Murray about writing, aging and Diversion, George’s most recent collection, as well as his stint as St. John’s Poet Laureate. And because this is the Open Issue there is, of course, lots of poetry of all shapes, sizes and inclinations. Not only will you find a selection of envelope-pushing new work by featured poet George Murray, but also a whole range of new writing from the poetic likes of Christophe Schinckus, Jessica Bebenek, Müesser Yeniay, paulo da costa and David Cavanagh, to mention a few.


Hannah Green An Interview with George Murray 6
George Murray Midlife 13
New Refugees Wait at the Lights to
Cross Kenmount Road in a Blizzard 14
Poor Cousin 16
Mallory Imler Powell In the beginning, it is still hard to say it 18
Only now do you call him husband 19
David Huebert Granger 20
Species of Dust 22
Susan Buis Fredericton: landing 23
Guelph: all in all 24
Bethany F. Brengan “Poethics,” Or
Kilmer Was More Honest Than This 25
Shifts 27
Christophe Schinckus Poème ?? 28
Créatique lettriste ou poème C 29
Véronique Béquin Dawn Train 30
Ulrike Narwani Never Too Late 32
Peter Stuart-Sheppard Behind the Flames 33
Müesser Yeniay Mansur al-Hallaj 36
Reeds 36
Craiova 36
Christine Fellows Appleseeds 37
Susan Haldane Delivery 38
Starling Ballet 40
Rebekah Rempel Again 41
paulo da costa aqua libera 42
Kathleen Balma For Oyster Shuckers 43
Jessica Bebenek Accismus 44
Glenn Shaheen Misery and Bells 46
Sarah Wolfson Rural Pantheon 47
David Cavanagh Personal Ophthalmology 48
Laws of eMotion 49
Kim Fu Need a picture for the obit 50

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