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paulo da costa’s fiction in Prairie Fire‘s spring 2015 issue!


The Spring 2015 Volume 36, No.1 issue features fiction by Catherine Brunet, paulo da costa, Alex Leslie and Leanne Lieberman; poetry by Byrna Barclay, Matthew Gwathmey, Bill Howell, Sally Ito, Andrew Kozma, Armand Garnet Ruffo, Douglas Burnet Smith, Stephanie Warner and Daryl Whetter; and non-fiction by Souvankham Thammavongsa.

Table of Contents

Alex Leslie The Sandwich Artist
Laurie D. Graham Two Poems
Stephanie Warner Domesticity
Leanne Lieberman Mr. Donuts
Byrna Barclay Two Poems
Armand Garnet Ruffo The Artist and His Four Wives, 1975
Paulo Da Costa A Catalogue of Devotions
Matthew Gwathmey from Appalachian Ecologues
Catherine Brunet Aramis in Leningrad
Douglas Burnet Smith Mosquitoes, Scissors, Stars
Souvankham Thammavongsa Charcoal
Bill Howell Two Poems
Darryl Whetter Ugly Underwear
Andrew Kozma Ode to the Ringworm

Kristian Enright Home, with Reference to Gertrude Stein
Jan Horner The muddy muddy
Duncan Mercredi neon moon
Maureen Hunter from Sarah Ballenden
Joshua Whitehead Two Poems
Daria Patrie The Monk and the Butterfly
Chimwemwe Undi Two Poems
Tricia Cooper
Sue Sorensen Four Poems
Lulu Akhanamoya This Is Canada: Confessions of a Culture Fiend
Clarise Foster Four Poems
Angeline Schellenberg Autism for Dummies
Keith Cadieux Even Fool’s Gold Has Its Shine
Colin Smith Two Poems
Carolyn Gray Open to Interpretation
Dana Medoro Three Charms for the Animal Liberation Front
Rick Chafe from Bite
Lori Cayer Three Poems
Kate Grisim Are there Cliques in Heaven?
Brenda Sciberras Tears Dry
Joanne Epp Two Poems
Louella Lester I Will Not Give Him a Name
Sally Ito Idle
James Scoles Sidewalks laced with secrets
Luann Hiebert home
Steve Locke My Boyfriend’s Nest



Lulu Akhanamoya
Rick Chafe (drama)
Tricia Cooper (drama)
Maureen Hunter (drama)
Souvankham Thammavongsa


Catherine Brunet
Keith Cadieux
Paulo Da Costa
Carolyn Gray
Kate Grisim
Alex Leslie
Leanne Lieberman
Steve Locke
Daria Patrie


Byrna Barclay
Lori Cayer
Kristian Enright
Joanne Epp
Clarise Foster
Laurie D. Graham
Matthew Gwathmey
Luann Hiebert
Jan Horner
Bill Howell
Sally Ito
Andrew Kozma
Louella Lester
Dana Medoro
Duncan Mercredi
Armand Garnet Ruffo
Angeline Schellenberg
Brenda Sciberras
James Scoles
Colin Smith
Douglas Burnet Smith
Sue Sorensen
Chimwemwe Undi
Stephanie Warner
Darryl Whetter
Joshua Whitehead

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