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New book: Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey


Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey

Essays on Identity, Language and Writing Culture

A book of twelve essays, musings, thoughts, inner conversations, arguments and rambles written over the course of two decades.

For those who believe the book is obsolete and has been overtaken by other cultural platforms and technologies in our increasingly fast-moving times, I remind myself that the book is a marker of sanity for the human spirit. It will always be a measure of how far we humans have fallen off our cultural and spiritual balance. The book is an intimate match to the rhythm of our consciousness, our state of being present in the world, our hunger to see and be seen, to hear and be heard.

Winter Kale and the Old Man
Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey
Mass Storytelling
I, the Jester
A Dream Interrupted
The Music of Translation
translating text, translating self
The Shadow of “Polite”
Reviewing the Reviewer
The Word in Sword
Canada Treads Upon our Books
The Story

Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey

208 pages, Boavista Press; (2015)

ISBN-10: 0996051139       ISBN-13: 978-0996051132

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