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The Edge of Winter Exhibition – Art Walk

This Saturday, if you happen to be in the vicinity of the Crescent Heights area, and wish to enjoy a stroll in the Rotary Park, please join us on an art walk. We will be viewing and performing the work of Calgary writers and artists on display. On of my poems is featured, as well as the written words and art work of five other Calgarians listed below.

The Edge of Winter Exhibition – Art Walk
April 15, 2023
Saturday, 1:00pm-230pm MT
Rotary Park, 617 1St NE, Calgary, AB
(This link shows the parking lot at the venue:

A walk along the gallery route, stopping at each of the six gallery displays. The event is a casual, social affair; celebrating the works displayed while making it a space for everyone to connect with each other. There will be snack and hot beverages (tea, hot chocolate) at the event.

The previous installations (from Group 1) will be available at the end of the walk, by display #6.

The order of this Saturday’s display are as follows:

Group 2 (exhibit period: March 31 – April 30)
1 – paulo da costa
2 – Alisa Hartley
3 – Kimberly Ihekwoaba
4 – Scott Pieschel
5 – Nancy Toombs
6 – Cynthia Roebuck

Group one authors are Moni Brar, Kim Firmston, Kelly Kaur, Josephine LoRe, Eliza Louise, and Lucia Semenoff.

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