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    New Story in fillingStation

    Check out my new short-story in issue #83 of fillingStation Magazine. My thanks to fiction editor Tasnuva Hayden for taking a chance on this linguistically-playful story. Check out the other contributors and work in this Language themed issued. https://fillingstation.myshopify.com/products/filling-station-issue-82 The LANGUAGE issue, featuring new work from: Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán, Matthew Barron, James Braun, Megan Callahan, Douglas Cole, paulo da costa, Jaimie Franchi, Ed Go, Erina Harris, Henry Heavyshield, Chris Hutchinson, Daze Jefferies, Sophia Lengle, Khashayar “Kess” Mohammadi, Cassandra Myers, Shane Neilson, Steve Noyes, Coco Owen, kerry rawlinson, Nnadi Samuel, Tosh Sherkat, David Sheskin, Liam Strong, Sara Truuvert, and Xen Virtue. Cover art by Jacob James Bews.