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Poetic & Lyrical – impressions by Irene Marques

Irene Marques on Beyond Bullfights & Ice Hockey (essays)

Paulo da Costa has a poetic and lyrical voice that is beautiful. It is an appeasing murmur conducive to meditation putting into question the acceptance of the mundane or the fashions of the moment which are often guided by economic pressures that erase us all under a blanket of sameness. It is a voice that wants the power of the word to remain pure so that it can reach us at a deep level and have an impact that goes well beyond the facades of easy, cheap rhetoric. It is a writing that asks you to slow down, to pause, in order to really understand what is happening to you and the world you live in. And that is the power of literature: a power we must not forego in the name of pressures that call for a writing that bypasses the syntaxes that really speak. Yes, because without pause, we disappear in the tumultuous violence of the overly convoluted, confusing and confused world we live in.

December 21, 2015 at 3:44am ·

Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey

3D-Book bullfight lrEssays on Identity, Language and Writing Culture

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