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    O Perfume da Mentira em destaque nos Olhos nos Livros Blog

    Eis que depois de uma pausa de dois meses para que pudessem ler os livros recomendados, aqui estamos com a edição do outono de 2022, que terá um livro por semana até meados de dezembro. Esta a recomendação de Manuela Marujo. Cada semana teremos uma diferente, com José Luís da Silva, João Martins, Manuela Marujo e Diniz Borges. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fpermalink.php%3Fstory_fbid%3Dpfbid0Gw9ZbWrMYKP4BntaZ2R364Z6JjMDTKHZjvEPLiLdaoJjA7oaobeeQ9U9mdMpCmeml%26id%3D100075535222612&show_text=true&width=500

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    Reading by Five Alberta Authors

    Five Alberta authors to feature in North/West Passages online event marking 50th Anniversary of The Writers’ Union of Canada For more information, interviews or photos, contact Jackie Carmichael at Carmichael dot Jacqueline at gmail dot com Five Alberta authors will feature in an upcoming online event marking the 50th Anniversary of The Writers’ Union of Canada. North/West Passages is a year-long monthly Zoom-based reading series celebrating authors from The Writers’ Union of Canada. Featured readers on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at 6 pm Alberta time will include authors Lori Hahnel, Katherine Koller, Sharon Butala, paulo da costa, and Anna Shannon. “I’m dazzled by the calibre of writing this series is attracting. Each of these…

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    New Sci-Fi Story in Mithila Review

    Check out my new story in Mithila Review’s special global Hopepunk issue of science fiction (and fantasy) devoted to positive and powerful character-driven stories that imagine an open and inclusive tech-empowered democratic future for all people, species and countries on Earth. Harefoot Express – Think Globally, Travel Locally. A story that takes place in Mohkínstsis, (present day Calgary), and sometime in the late 21st Century. This tale transports us to a future that still holds hope for human existence, including more inclusive and democratic forms of governing, as well as new strategies for the long process of restoring the earth’s natural ecosystems and diminishing the human footprint. What will tourism…

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    New essay in Reckoning 6

    Check out my new essay in this amazing USA based publication focusing on themes of environmental justice. Reckoning 6 Reckoning 6 – Print Edition Preorder $20.00 Add to cart Reckoning 6, edited by Aïcha Martine Thiam and Gabriela Santiago, addresses the intersection between social upheaval and environmental change. “[I]t’s like a brief closing of the hand around something small and floating, framing it just long enough that we are able to look, really look at it. And then, if we can, we let it go.”—Aïcha Martine Thiam “It is not utopia. But it is what we can have, these careful negotiations, communications, challenges, and sharing. We have relationships. New, complicated,…

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    Interview in Portuguese-American Review

    original interview in Portuguese-American Review   Portuguese-American Review – Congratulations on publishing “Beyond Bullfights and Ice Hockey: Essays on Language, Identity and Writing Culture”. What is this book’s genre or category? paulo da costa – The book can be seen as a creative non-fiction collection of texts that stretches its traditional essay-like boundaries past the more journalistic or academic essay by its irreverence, humour and often its embrace of a poetic tone to deliver thought through the vein of beauty. I hope it will be seen as a garden of beautiful words with philosophical substance. A poet at heart can never abstain from wrapping his thoughts in beauty. An edible…

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    The Guest who refuses to be polite – impressions by Emanuel Melo

    I’m hanging out with paulo da costa these days. On the crowded subway ride to work in the morning and again in the evening on the way home I listen to him; those around me don’t. But I prefer listening to him when I get inside my solitude, sitting on my sofa, in the quiet of my library, where I can be attentive without the pull of people’s chatter. Even at four in the morning, when I cannot sleep, he is still talking. Non-stop. He is the guest who refuses to go home at a decent hour and so, to be polite, I let him speak his words. He gives…

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    Para lá das Touradas e Hóquei no Gelo

    Para lá das Touradas e Hóquei no Gelo – Uma Arquitetura da Identidade Multicultural – Homens que são como lugares mal situados Homens que são como casas saqueadas […] Homens encarcerados abrindo-se com facas Homens que são como danos irreparáveis Homens que são sobreviventes vivos Homens que são como sítios desviados Do lugar Daniel Faria As minhas primeiras memórias, os meus primeiros aromas e sons são de Angola. Um mundo colorido pela sua geografia de calor e perfumado pelas suas culturas, espiritualidades e musicalidades. A minha experiência do continente Africano foi efémera, uma vez que um punhado de anos mais tarde, os meus pais regressaram à sua terra natal em…

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    Pleasant Troubles

    A sudden, involuntary flaring of his tongue, a hideous contortion of his face; and apart from this peculiar affliction, Bonifácio Careta remained an ordinary child. The villagers believed everyone entered life with unique, God-given graces—some born to nose-picking, others to continuous spitting, others to limping. They never spent a second thought on Bonifácio. Bonifácio Careta’s life would have proceeded without remarkable attention if misfortune had not brought his peculiar condition to public notice. Bonifácio’s fortunes changed irrevocably on the occasion of the long-awaited Papal tour of the country with the Pontiff’s brief, unscheduled bathroom stop in Bonifácio’s forgotten village. While the Pontiff bestowed upon the gathering crowd his holy blessing,…

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    Atlantis – sang by Nancy Dutra

    Talented Canadian singer Nancy Dutra has put to music one of my English poems from The Book of Water. Nancy has a distinctive and powerful voice that will delight any listener. Take a peek at this music video recorded under a Dragon Tree in Pico, Azores during the 2013 AzoresFringe Festival. And stay tuned for future collaborations between myself and Nancy. A talentosa cantora canadiana Nancy Dutra musicou e interpretou um dos meus poemas em língua inglesa e do meu manuscrito: The Book of Water. A Nancy tem uma voz marcante e poderosa que irá encantar qualquer ouvinte. Aproveitem para dar uma olhada neste vídeo  gravado sob uma árvore Dragão…

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    A Verde e Púrpura Pele do Mundo (conto)

    Cara A,                                                           Monte das Lameiras, pátio três semanas   A manhã desperta e suspira nos pulmões dos pássaros. Inauguro o dia nos degraus da entrada, roupão de banho vestido e a fazer bolas de sabão. A música dos pássaros começa a derreter o ténue véu de geada que encobre o chão. Ligaste-me a noite passada para dizer que não me irias esperar ao aeroporto Pearson. Vais estar em Victoria a visitar a tua tia.   Neste canto da Europa o sol brilha por entre o azul de Inverno. Brilham as laranjas nas árvores e os kivis enrugam-se nas ramadas. Toda esta fruta não me seduz a ficar. O melro foi…